Friday, September 23, 2016

Met a "lame" horse today.

Horse people can be vicious!  I'm not accusing anyone directly, but I do think we've all got the potential in us.  When I've seen it though, it's always been directed at other horse people; you know what I'm talking about: "OMG is he actually doing that thing that I would never do?"  "Wow her ____ is such a mess, who is her trainer?" "I guess not everyone understands how many beats are in a canter" "That guy posts a trot like there's an actual post up his..." But never, in all my years, have I heard the kind of insult that I heard today.

Horses are the sweetest, calmest, most loving creatures of all time.  Could TV shows like My Little Pony [Big Macintosh for life] and Mr. Ed have become so popular if that weren't true?  Now that I've irrefutably proven the fundamental nature of horses in the universe, I'll share the slander that was dumped on a sweet horse today, RIGHT in front of me.
"That horse is lame."
He was one of the chillest horses I'd ever met, and some random buttmunch (whom I later found out to be the equestrian program manager at some far-off community college, even worse!) was insulting him TO HIS FACE.  Ugh.  How can someone say such a mean thing about a horse? Take it from me that I was writhing with indignation.

I'll tell you, I was even considering to buy this horse just to take him away from such an unsupportive environment, even in spite of the fact that he walked funny.