Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jimmy H and the Feral Farm Friends - an emo band

My band is better than your band.

My horse's band is better than your band.

Granted, your band probably plays fancy music that requires some sense of creativity and an above-mediocre level of musical skill.
But MY band is EMO... and so is Jimmy H's.

Look, they're just starting out so their SoundCloud doesn't have as many followers as yours.
Look, their recordings aren't that great because my barn recording studio just don't sound as good as your bedroom recording studio.
Look, you may not even respect emo music as a legitimate art form.
But don't you dare go around thinking that Jimmy H and the Feral Farm Friends are anything less than the very best, like no one ever was.

I'm gonna prove to you how emo JH and the FFF are.  Take a look at the hair on this dude from the inferior and lesser known emo band, Patrick Stump:

Now check out the TOTALLY EMO hair on Jimmy H:

Who wore it better?!?! (I mean, feel free to answer, but this is pretty much a rhetorical question, AMIRIGHT?)  Sorry for getting emotional about this.

Don't forget to follow their SoundCloud!  Like/Share/Clicker-Train/Promote their music please!


  1. Those are some luscious locks right there. He's got the boy band swoop going on!